Murugantham's Story

You have the opportunity to restore sight to a child who has been blinded by cataracts.

Murugantham during recovery after cataract surgery at JEH. Photo: CBMAt the age of six, Murugantham was at school when he noticed he was losing his sight but his family couldn't afford the medical care he needed. Murugantham faced a future with no education beyond what little he could gain with deteriorating sight.

When his mother heard that the CBM-supported Joseph Eye Hospital had set up an eye camp near their home, she took Murugantham and queued up with hundreds of other blind and visually impaired people in the area who had no other hope of getting treatment.

A gift of £95

Surgery for one child costs only £95 for one of our CBM partner doctors to perform. And sight can be completely restored to a child in around 30 minutes.


A gift of £24Even more amazing, surgery for adults costs only £24. This is because it can be done using only local anaesthetics and without the need for the special lenses or the anti-inflammatory injection required for children.

Every time we receive another gift of £95, we are able to tell another mother that her child will receive surgery to restore their sight.


You can give children like Murugantham the chance of learning to read, to get an education and a fruitful career, and to enable them to marvel at the natural beauty of the world around them. And of course they will be able to look into the smiling faces and loving eyes of their family.

CBM and the Joseph Eye Hospital

A man has his eyes examined at JEH, India. Photo: CBM

Child cataracts are more prevalent in India than in the West. The condition causes the lens of the eye to become milky and completely opaque. The child is then able to see virtually nothing, no faces, pictures, words or colour - only light and dark.

Yet, in the majority of cases, cataract is completely reversible through surgery. Doctors treat as many as 40 people a day at the Joseph Eye Hospital in Tiruchirappalli, removing the damaged lens and inserting a new, artificial lens in every affected eye - one which will last a lifetime.

Without this straightforward corrective surgery thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of children in India born with cataracts, or developing them in their early years, will spend a lifetime being needlessly blind.

CBM focuses on education and rehabilitation so that people with disabilities can be included into their society as equals and lead more independent lives. In Murugantham's area alone, mothers with children who have cerebral palsy, hearing impairment and clubfoot all found a CBM-supported Community Health Worker and asked for help.

CBM has the capability to help all of these children but often lacks the necessary funding.

Your gift can restore the sight of a child who is blinded by cataract for £95, or treat one adult for £24.

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