CBM and partners monitoring landslides and heavy rains in Central America and Mexico

Heavy rains have caused widespread flooding and landslides affecting CBM-supported partner projects.

Widespread damage has been caused by intense rains and flooding in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico where CBM is working.

The heavy rains, which have resulted in deadly landslides and a loss of crops, have displaced tens of thousands of people. Official reports claim some 5,066 hectares of crops have already been damaged in Honduras and the intensity of the disaster has claimed lives in Mexico and El Salvador.

People with disabilities suffer disproportionately during disasters such as this, as they may find it more difficult to access the care and support that they so urgently need during an emergency situation.

Forced to evacuate

CBM is working with its local partners to monitor the situation.

Diana Acuña, from CBM's Regional Office in Mexico, explained the current position.

"Heavy rains across Central America have swollen rivers, flooded towns and farmland and killed nearly 100 people. Tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate and seek shelter, and the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua have declared national disasters".

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the devastation.

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