CBM partnerships key to Horn Of Africa relief efforts

CBM is working closely with partners to provide relief to the most vulnerable in drought and famine affected areas of the Horn Of Africa.

CBM visiting families in Meru Region of Kenya. Photo: CBMCBM is working with partners to ensure that people with disabilities receive the services they need during emergency situations. Photo: CBM.

Thousands of refugees are crossing the borders into Kenya from southern Ethiopia and Somalia at an unprecedented rate. It is expected that almost half the children arriving in Kenya are severely malnourished and the numbers in need of emergency assistance and aid is expected to rise.

CBM and its partners are working closely with persons with disabilities, as well as teaming up with other mainstream reliefs organisations such as the Kenya Red Cross to ensure people with disabilities have access to food, clean water, disability services and technical support.

These partnerships can provide essential relief now, but also put plans in place for the long-term need for treatment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

"With our partners, CBM will remain committed to saving lives and providing long-term support to vulnerable people living in the Horn Of Africa" - Anita Smeets, CBM Regional Director of East Africa.

Through your support of the CBM Horn Of Africa Emergency campaign, you can help bring relief to the most vulnerable at this difficult time.

Driest period since 1995

A severe lack of rainfall throughout the region, believed to be the worst in 60 years, has decimated crops and livestock, forcing thousands of families to flee their communities in search of food and clean water.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 2011 has been the driest period in the Eastern Horn of Africa since 1995 and there is no likelihood for improvement until early 2012.

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