Follow Milly’s Miracle this March

Posted on: Wednesday, 1st March, 2017
At Mengo Eye Department: Milly one day before cataract surgery
Milly (14 years old) was born with normal sight but developed cataracts in both eyes about four years ago. She gradually lost sight, dropped out of school and could not participate in performing home chores. She lives with her parents; Wilfred and Dorica and three of the eight siblings, in a village about 230 kilometres northwest of the capital Kampala. Milly received cataract surgery at CBM partner Mengo Eye hospital (in March 2016). Please refer to respective reports for more information.

Join us as we follow 14 year old Milly on her journey from blindness to sight throughout March.

When she was 10, Milly started to lose her sight to Cataracts. By 14, she could barely see at all. Her teachers in Uganda didn’t know how to support a child who couldn’t see, so this bright girl who loved studying stopped going to school.  

This month we’ll be sharing Milly’s amazing story from a sight-restoring cataract operation to recovery and first experiences of sight - something she and her family never imagined would happen.

You can follow Milly’s story from blindness to recovery on our Facebook page. You can also show your support for Milly and other children waiting for a sight-saving miracle by sharing a prayer on Facebook with #MillysMiracle and we’ll let them know that friends around the world are praying for them today.    

Read more about Milly’s story here.


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