Aida's eyelashes have turned inwards, causing excruciating pain, because of trachoma.

Aida has been living in excruciating pain. Can you see how her eyelashes have turned inwards? This is because of a cruel infection called trachoma.

But with your help, we can save her sight and stop the spread of trachoma in some of the world’s poorest places.

A regular monthly gift is quick and easy to set up. You will be helping to protect people like Aida from trachoma and restore sight in Africa’s poorest communities.

£6 a month could help teach schoolchildren sight-saving hygiene habits.

£9 a month could help distribute medicine to families to stop the spread of the infection.

£13 a month could help provide sight-saving surgery for those in the advanced stages of infection.

The agonising effects of trachoma have robbed Aida of her independence and joy in life.

“I cut off my eyelashes to stop the pain,” Aida says. “But when they grew again it was hurting even more. This was going on since last year and I have lost all my hope that it will change someday….I feel pain every day and I am staying at home because I cannot do anything anymore.”

Carried by flies, trachoma spreads rapidly through touch in poor communities where there is lack of sanitation.

Trachoma is an extremely painful way to go blind, but it’s simple to prevent and cure.

By making a regular gift to CBM, you can make it possible for teams of volunteers to distribute medication and teach communities of people like Aida and her children simple methods to stay safe from the infection.

Your generosity will help provide the funds needed for life-changing programmes in schools and communities.

The approach is called SAFE, and it will ensure that no one else has to experience the pain that has tortured Aida for so long.

You can give hope and happiness back to people like Aida.

    The SAFE strategy involves:

SAFE strategy icons

Surgery – to save the sight of people like Aida with advanced trachoma infection.

Antibiotics – to treat the infection.

Face-washing – teaching rural communities the basic hand and face washing routine that will help prevent trachoma infection.

Environmental improvements – improving washing facilities and latrines for families who don’t have access to clean water to reduce the chances of infection.

Please set up a monthly gift today to help fund our sight-saving SAFE programme and stop trachoma devastating the poorest communities in Africa.

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