Albert being led along a path by his grandson Marceil. Albert has been blind for 10 years because of River Blindness.
River blindness has stolen Albert’s sight, and now it threatens his whole family.                              But you can protect families like his today.

You can help distribute sight-saving medicine and stop river blindness.

£6.40 a month could help train Outreach Volunteers to distribute and safely administer sight-saving medicine to rural communities

£9.33 a month could protect 700 people like Albert from contracting river blindness

£13.33 a month could protect the sight of an entire village of 1,000 women, men and children

Setting up a monthly Direct Debit is quick and easy or make a one-off gift today to protect families from river blindness.

“What sort of life is this?”

74-year-old Albert relies on his children and grandchildren to bring him food and water, and to guide him around their village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central Africa.

He has been blind for 10 years because of parasites spread by blackflies, which plague his village.

Albert sitting outside his home, holding his cane and a cup.

The damage that these parasites can do to a person is truly horrifying.

Albert has suffered from unbearable itching and pain. But even worse, the larvae from the blackflies have travelled to his eyes, causing irreparable damage.

“My surroundings became foggy. Eventually I only saw shadows. And finally I lost my sight completely.”

Albert fears that his family may face the same fate.

18 million people like Albert are at risk of river blindness – but it can be prevented.

Fighting river blindness requires an ongoing programme of medicine distribution. The medicine works by killing the larvae in the human body, but not the adult parasites. So the pills must be given to everyone once every year for 10-15 years.

Your regular monthly donation will help distribute the medication to everyone who needs it and help prevent future generations suffering from this awful disease.

It’s urgent that we can reach families like Albert’s before it is too late.

Albert and his family standing outside their mud hut
Set up a regular donation today or make a one-off gift to protect families from river blindness.

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