Bedecha's eyelashes have turned inwards due to repeated trachoma infections.

After years of suffering with the painful eye infection, trachoma, Bedecha is close to losing her sight forever.

With a monthly gift, you can save the sight of people like Bedecha – and prevent others from painful, blinding trachoma. Your regular gifts can help prevent the spread of infection and help ensure that children don’t experience the pain that has plagued Bedecha.

Setting up a Direct Debit is quick and easy.

£6 a month could help teach schoolchildren hygiene habits that will prevent blindness

£9 a month could help distribute medicine to families to prevent the spread of the devastating trachoma infection

£13 a month could help provide sight-saving surgery for those in the final stages of the infection

Set up a regular donation today, or make a one-off gift to protect people like Bedecha from trachoma.

Trachoma is an extremely painful way to go blind. 

Bedecha has even resorted to plucking out her own eyelashes to prevent them rubbing against her eye with every blink. But they always grow back.

You can help can stop others from suffering this pain. 

Your monthly gift will help fund a life-changing programme in schools and communities. It’s called SAFE and it will help ensure that these children don’t experience the pain that has plagued Bedecha for so many years.

The SAFE strategy:

4 icons representing the SAFE strategy - surgical tool, medicine, hand across face and water tap. Surgery – to save the sight of people with advanced trachoma symptoms.

Antibiotics – to treat the infection and stop the symptoms advancing.

Face-washing – teaching rural communities the importance of basic hand and face washing to help prevent trachoma infection.

Environmental improvements – giving better access to water so families can keep their faces, clothes and bedding clean, and providing basic toilets to decrease flies - these are all sustainable ways to reduce the chances of infection.

Eliminating trachoma in Ethiopia will take some time, but your regular gifts can help to ensure we can continue to reach even the most remote, rural communities.

Set up a regular donation today to help us defeat this devastating, blinding infection.

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