Help us protect the next generation from river blindness

Like every grandparent, 64-year-old widow Berthine adored looking at her grandchildren. She has six, but has only ever seen the three eldest. That’s because, by the time Jean, now five years old, was born, Berthine had already lost her sight to river blindness.

River blindness is the second most common infectious cause of preventable blindness. Around the world, millions of people are at risk of infection, most living in sub-Saharan Africa.

There is a medication which protects families from river blindness, but like so many people in the world’s poorest places, it could not reach Berthine before she lost her sight.

Please support families like Berthine’s by starting a monthly donation today. 

A monthly donation could help us to train and supervise Community Volunteers and enable them to distribute medicine without fail, every year, giving long term protection to people who need it most, like little Jean and her brothers and sisters.

Berthine with her grandchildren Gregoire (5), Jean (8) - and Berthine (10)

Help us protect the next generation from river blindness

a month which could help to train Outreach Volunteers to distribute and safely administer sight-saving medicine to people in rural communities.

a month which could protect 700 people like Berthine from contracting river blindness.

a month which could protect the sight of an entire village of 1,000 individuals, transforming the lives of the world’s poorest people.

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