• Nkhoma village at dawn.

    The end of the year

    Monday, 21st December, 2009 | CBM UK
    I feel, as I’m sure many of us do just before the end of the year, a bit tired and exhausted! I am looking forward to spending time with my fiance, Jenn and our families. After a few days of rest and relaxation with those dearest to me, I can beg...
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  • New season

    Saturday, 7th November, 2009 | CBM UK
    I had just driven back from dusty Dedza Friday morning, and arriving at Nkhoma the heavens opened for the whole afternoon and most of the evening. The first rains of the season. It’s still 3-4 weeks earlier than usual. Fantastic to see an entire...
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  • Pictures of glasses at a CBM project in Santa Cruz.

    Day Eight : Santa Cruz

    Wednesday, 5th December, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    These eight days visiting the CBM UK projects in Bolivia have passed so quickly and I am sad that today is my last day. I spent the day with Gonzalo getting all of my notes in order and asking a few last-minute questions that would fill in the gaps i...
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  • Fernando is a Trainee Surgeon at Aprecia hopsital in Santa Cruz.

    Day Seven : Santa Cruz

    Thursday, 29th November, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    I had to get to the clinic early this morning, so I told Gonzalo to meet me after the cataract surgeries were finished. The theatre is quite small and there’s only one room used for operations, which limits the clinic’s capacity somewhat but I wa...
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  • A patient at CBM supported hospital Aprecia in Santa Cruz.

    Day Six : Santa Cruz

    Wednesday, 21st November, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    I found out today that the operating theatre will be open tomorrow for one of the cataract patients that I’ve been documenting. He’s having his first operation and he’s quite calm now considering, but says he’ll probably feel a bit more nervo...
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  • Patient with cataracts being seen at Aprecia hospital in Santa Cruz.

    Day Five : Santa Cruz

    Wednesday, 14th November, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    Gonzalo met me again at the hotel from where we were then driven back to the clinic. This morning there were plenty of new patients coming into the clinic and they kindly came to talk to me while they waited to be seen. They all told me about how gra...
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  • Patients who have been treated at CBM supported hospital APRECIA in santa Cruz.

    Day Four : Santa Cruz

    Wednesday, 7th November, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    My fourth day in Boliva saw me visit a clinic called ‘Aprecia’ in Santa Cruz de la Sierra which caters for the needs of people with various visual impairments including cataracts and blindness through to diabetes, glaucoma and eye injuries. My tr...
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  • Students at a CBM supported deaf school ARCA in Bolivia.

    Day Three : Riberalta

    Wednesday, 31st October, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    I woke up for my second day in sunny Riberalta and braved a motorbike taxi ride back to the ARCA Maranatha Deaf School where I met with Ricky – one of their teachers. Ricky was the first person to go through ARCA and to go right through High School...
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  • Students at a CBM supported deaf school ARCA in Bolivia.

    Day Two : Riberalta

    Wednesday, 24th October, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    After another early start, I managed to get my flight on to Riberalta, which saw me travelling further north in Bolivia. My next stop would be the Arca Maranatha Deaf School. When I arrived, I was met by the head of the school, Andreas Kolb (who is d...
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  • A patient who is deaf is testing out new hearing equipment to measure the level of deafness with a greater accuracy.

    Day One : Trinidad

    Thursday, 18th October, 2007 | Keith McAllister
    I arrived early in the morning at Trinidad in Bolivia, and after dumping my bags at the hotel I went straight out into the muggy tropical air to visit the first of the projects that I had been sent to report on. The Clinic wasn’t too far out of tow...
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