Breaking down barriers in Uganda

Kirsty and Prisca, outside Prisca's home in the Masaka District, Uganda.
Kirsty Smith.
Author:Kirsty Smith
Posted on: Friday, 30th November, 2018

CBM’s Kirsty Smith recently visited some of our programmes in Uganda, where she met inspiring individuals who have faced and overcome huge barriers in their lives because of their disabilities. In this latest blog, Kirsty recalls the story of hardworking, mother-of-four, Prisca.

International Day of People with Disabilities is coming up on 3rd December. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of people with disabilities, but also to highlight the need for more action to break down barriers. Because too many people still face poverty, stigma and isolation, denied the chance to go to school or earn a living, just because they have a disability.

Prisca sat on the floor of her home, weaving a mat.

I’m just back from a truly humbling week in Uganda, East Africa, where I met Prisca (pictured above and right). Since polio left her legs damaged, walking is difficult and painful for Prisca. She has faced huge challenges. But this inspiring mum of four refuses to be held back. She works tirelessly weaving mats to sell, determined to put her children through school to give them the life chances she never had.

Your generous support offers Prisca with the opportunity to increase her business, a “hand up” rather than a hand out. And for Prisca, and many others like her living in the world’s poorest communities this practical support helps them build a better life for themselves and their families. But as well as practical barriers, people with disabilities also have to deal with prejudice and low expectations. Too often, teachers, neighbours, even family members are quick to write them off, failing to see their potential.

Through providing practical support, such as loans and training, we are enabling people living with disabilities to earn a living, reclaim their independence and break down the myths around disability in their community.

Watch this short film from my visit to Uganda:

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Images: Top - Kirsty and Prisca, at Prisca's home in the Masaka District, Uganda. Bottom - Prisca can only make one mat at a time because she needs the income from selling the mat to buy more materials, as well as food.


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