Day Five : Santa Cruz

Keith McAllister.
Author:Keith McAllister
Posted on: Wednesday, 14th November, 2007

Gonzalo met me again at the hotel from where we were then driven back to the clinic.

This morning there were plenty of new patients coming into the clinic and they kindly came to talk to me while they waited to be seen. They all told me about how grateful they were to be receiving either cheap or sometimes even free medical treatment and life changing surgeries.

Miriam – the hospital’s matron, was mentioned all day in words of praise for her hard work and gentle manner. It wasn’t long before she came and talked to me too. She told me about some of the social issues seen across Santa Cruz and about some new clinics that had been set up in neighbouring areas. She told me how concerned she was to see new patients arriving at Aprecia after having had disastrous treatment in some of these new clinics.

We continued meeting and interview patients well into the afternoon and after all of the surgeries had taken place, I was able to have a look around the operating theatre to see exactly where the life-changing surgery takes place.

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