School children from a Samburu school washing their hands as part of a prevention campaign to stop the spread of the trachoma.

Eliminating blinding trachoma in Kenya

Country: Kenya
Category: Saving sight

Trachoma is an infectious disease that causes the eyelashes to turn inwards, causing severe itching, then if untreated, excruciating pain and blindness. The vast majority of people affected by trachoma in Kenya live in isolated, rural areas in the north of the country, with little or no access to healthcare services.

We are working with partners to eliminate Trachoma in Kenya by 2019 by implementing the SAFE strategy:

S - carrying out surgery to stop the pain and restore sight in extreme cases of trachoma.
A - distributing antibiotics to treat the disease and prevent re-infection.
F - educating communities about how face-washing can prevent spread of trachoma.
E - improving environmental conditions to prevent trachoma – for example sanitation and access to clean water.

CBM is one of several partners working to implement this crucial programme, funded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.


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