Bijaya smiling as he was given a prosthetic leg so he can walk.

Emergency response: Nepal earthquake

Country: Nepal
Category: Emergency response

On 25th April 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, leaving over 8,000 dead, and many thousands more injured or homeless. Two weeks later, Nepal experienced a second earthquake, causing more death, destruction and trauma.

With over thirty years' experience of working in Nepal, CBM was able to respond immediately with our partners, reaching out particularly to people with disabilities and injuries.

Disabled people often struggle to access emergency help when disasters happen. So within hours of the earthquake, our partner reached out by text message to ensure people with disabilities received urgent help, such as emergency shelter.

In the first six months after the disaster:

  • 14,800 people were treated at medical outreach camps in the most affected areas.
  • Our two partner-hospitals for children with disabilities and patients with spinal injuries received vital equipment to cope with the huge increase in demand, including wheelchairs, tents and heaters.
  • 2,700 people received counselling, psychological support and trauma care through our long-term Nepalese mental health partner.

As well as delivering vital support to disabled people through our partners, CBM worked with local Disabled People’s Organisations in Nepal to ensure that other agencies, including the Nepalese Government, included people with disabilities in their response.

Transforming lives

Purna Maya sitting in her wheelchair outside her destroyed house.

Purna Maya

A volunteer came to our house to ask about Purna Maya and the loss due to the earthquake. I was happy that some organisation had the time to think about disabled people…

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Rajendra who has polio slept outside his house for several days after the earthquake in Nepal afraid of more tremors.


“I somehow managed to crawl out of the house when I saw there was no one around… everyone had left for a safe, open place but me. I was the only one left behind.”

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