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Helping people with disabilities claim their rights

Country: Malawi
Category: Inclusion & rights

In Malawi, CBM has been helping people with disabilities to speak up for their rights, access government services and participate in decision making.

Our programme, funded by the Scottish Government, has developed advocacy kits and training resources to support disabled people’s organisations. The resources were developed by the national umbrella organisation for disability organisations, The Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi (FEDOMA), with support from two Scottish disability organisations, ENABLE and the Mental Health Foundation Scotland.

Members of the Chisamnaliro disability club in Salima were among those who are benefitting. They told us:

“As persons with disabilities in this community, we have been victims of stereotyping, labelling, stigma and discrimination. Life for us has been very challenging, not only because of our disabilities but because of the people who live around us. We have been left outside any development activities in our own communities, district and country…”

Today, we are able to be considered to be part of the community. We are taking part in various community activities; funerals, community projects, meetings, and above all, we have our own savings and credit programme where we save money in shares and give it as credit loans to our fellow members with disabilities to run businesses. These things were not happening before, but with FEDOMA’s guidance we are able to do this and be independent, such that our own chief's are now relying on us for support”.


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