Preventing hearing loss in Zambia

Category: Improving health

Hearing technician examines girl's ear

In Zambia, Southern Africa, children with disabling hearing loss routinely struggle to access education, while adults often face unemployment. Outside the capital, most people have no access to hearing aids as they aren’t widely available and are very expensive. 50% of disabling hearing loss is preventable, but a shortage of equipment, medical supplies and trained staff leaves many children struggling needlessly.  

We are helping to prevent hearing loss in Zambia by:

  • Improving the support available for people living with disabling hearing loss for rural communities in three districts in the Central Province
  • Training 346 community health workers, nurses, clinicians and audiologists so that can offer the right support to people with hearing loss
  • Equipping 106 community health clinics with necessary ear care equipment and medical supplies.
  • Strengthening community and primary health systems to provide accessible quality ear and hearing healthcare to a wider number of vulnerable people.

This programme is supported by the Scottish Government's International Development Fund. 



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