Ada Sule has polio and is now making her living as a hairdresser

Restoring hope and dignity to women with obstetric fistula

Country: Nigeria
Category: Improving health

Less than half of all women giving birth in Nigeria have the support of a skilled health worker. This leads to high rates of maternal and child mortality, as well as high levels of complications – which can lead to disability for the mother or baby.

Obstetric Fistula is a disabling condition that causes incontinence and leaves women prone to infection. It is usually the result of prolonged labour and lack of maternal healthcare. Women often live with fistula for decades, unaware that nearly all cases can be treated with straightforward surgery. Many women affected are rejected by their husbands, families and communities due to stigma surrounding the condition.

Our fistula programme in Nigeria:

  • Treats women with mild cases of fistula;
  • Refers women with severe cases to specialist hospitals, paying for their transport;
  • Educates health workers and communities to reduce stigma and encourage more women to seek help;
  • Supports rehabilitation for women with severe cases of fistula and helps them to re-integrate into their communities;
  • Provides self-help groups and support to women with fistula.

Partners: ECWA Evangel Hospital


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