Student writing on the blackboard at mobility India.

Supporting families and schools to keep children in education

Country: India
Category: Education for all

In India, only 1% of children with disabilities have access to school and of those who do, over a third do not complete primary school. Our programme in Chamrajnagar District, one of the poorest districts in the State of Karnataka, has helped hundreds of disabled girls and boys by:

  • training and equipping schools and teachers to include children with disabilities;
  • setting up after-school groups to support disabled students, run by specialist support workers most of whom have disabilities;
  • training and supporting families to understand their children’s needs and to give them the best start in life;
  • helping families with disabled children to earn their living, by providing training and support, so they can afford to keep their children in school;
  • changing attitudes to disability and encouraging disabled people and their families to play an active role in their community.

Thanks to a partnership with Cambridge technology company Aptivate, field workers supporting families used a ground breaking system to collect data by mobile phone. This means vital information can be collected more quickly, improving effectiveness and transparency and ultimately enabling more information on people needing support in specific regions and the right help to reach people in greatest need.

Transforming lives

Shilpa being pushed in her wheelchair into the inclusive school.


“When Shilpa first started coming she would sit alone and wouldn’t mingle with the other children. I would get her to sit with other kids…

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