Amali from India speaking out to challenge misconceptions about mental; health in her community

Time To Change: tackling mental health stigma in the world's poorest places

Country: Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda
Category: Improving health

Mental health conditions like depression are a major cause of disability and ill-health worldwide, often leading to immense suffering. People living in poverty are at greatest risk, routinely facing stigma and discrimination.

We have joined forces with Time To Change Global to launch a major new initiative to tackle stigma and discrimination in Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. We’re working with local organisations and people with lived experience to promote understanding of mental health and challenge prejudice across the Commonwealth to combat mental health stigma.

This programme is:

  • training and supporting people with experience of mental health conditions to speak out and raise awareness
  • improving public attitudes to mental health through a series of events hosted by people with lived experience of mental health conditions

This programme is supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Comic Relief.

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