This Christmas, reach out with the love of Jesus and stop children going needlessly blind from Trachoma.

The medicine to prevent and cure this blinding infection is donated free by the manufacturer - but we need your help to get it to people who need it most.  Every £1 you donate will provide £79 worth of sight-saving treatment.

Trachoma is a serious bacterial eye infection carried by eye-seeking flies and is one of the most painful ways to go blind. Trachoma spreads fast through communities in countries like Ethiopia in Africa, where many families live without clean water to wash their hands.

Ansha fears she will infect her children

Ansha has Trachoma. And her children are very likely to get it too.

“Two years ago I realised for the first time that something was wrong with my eyes. They were itching and red. That is nothing special in our dusty and windy area, but over time a stinging pain developed”

She asked neighbours for advice, and they told her to pull out her eyelashes...

 “I positioned myself in front of a small mirror and pulled out my eyelashes. It was so, so painful. I take a few with the tweezers and pull them out quickly – until none are left…”

Imagine knowing that you and your children are going blind... Even worse, you first suffer years of excruciating pain and over time, scarred eyelids pull the eyelashes inward where they endlessly scratch the eyes – with every agonising blink.

Eventually the corneas of the eyes are literally scratched blind. They become opaque, letting in light, but having no vision. This is exactly what’s happening to Ansha.

Give sight this Christmas to a family like Ansha's

28 year old Ansha fears for her children ...

"I didn’t know that I could become blind or that I could infect others with the disease. It is hard for me to know that my children are at risk. My daughter is only 5 years old. And I’m pregnant again.

To become blind would be horrible... to be unable to look after my children, to work. What would become of us? We don’t have much anyway."

Ansha and her husband do not have much. They grow enough grain and vegetables to feed their 2 children and just a little to sell. Their tiny hut is totally empty except for a few sleeping mats.

There is a glimmer of hope for Ansha, through your help and prayers this Christmas.

The medication to prevent and cure Trachoma is available and has been provided for free by the manufacturer. We just need your help to get it to the people who need it most.

Every £1 of your gift today will help deliver £79 worth of Trachoma medication to people in the world’s poorest places who need it most.

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” Matthew 6:22 (NIV)

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