Shakulu and his parents live in a small village in Uganda, East Africa. Shakulu is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

Shakulu is just three years old, but already his world is clouded by cataracts in both eyes. Can you help restore sight for a child like Shakulu?

No child should be needlessly blind.

Shakulu needs an operation to prevent him from becoming permanently blind. But families like his, living in poverty, can’t afford the treatment to save their child’s sight. Can you help?

In this new film, Shakulu's mother, Zaitun, talks about her fears for her son and the daily challenges they face.

We first met Shakulu and his family in this short film:


Shakulu lives in a small village in Uganda, East Africa. His parents are farmers, but they are barely able to grow enough crops to feed their family, let alone make earn a living.

When Shakulu was just five months old, his parents noticed white spots in his eyes, so they took him to the local hospital. The news was devastating. Shakulu was diagnosed with cataracts and needed surgery in Kampala, 125 miles away, to see again.

3-year-old Shakulu is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

Cataracts can be removed with a simple operation. But without it, children like Shakulu become permanently blind. For parents like Shakulu’s, the cost is far beyond their means.

Because of his blindness, Shakulu is sometimes bullied and beaten by other children. He cannot see well enough to protect himself. Without sight, Shakulu’s mother fears that he will not be able to go to school:

I pray that he is operated, gets an education and lives a long life.

Your gift this Christmas, can restore the sight of a child like Shakulu. Your generous donation can help to pay for a simple operation to remove cataracts.

Shakulu is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

 A Christmas Prayer

Loving God, this Christmas help us to be your hands and feet on earth.

Help us to be your hands of compassion, and your feet delivering Jesus' love.

We remember Shakulu and his family and the many other children who are living in darkness.

We pray that you surround them with your peace and comfort.

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