Godfrey being held by a nurse at CoRSU hospital, Uganda.

CBM-supported CoRSU Hospital

An estimated 270,000 newborns in the world die during the first 28 days of life every year from congenital deformities such as Cleft lip and palate.

Cleft lip and palate is caused by abnormal facial development during early pregnancy. It occurs once in approximately every 600-800 births and can occur separately or combined.

If left untreated, Cleft lip and palate can cause physical problems such as feeding - leading to malnutrition, speech impairments and ear disease. At a social level it can also lead to social isolation and discrimination, with many children shunned by their communities and ridiculed for their appearance.  As with many surgeries, the earlier medical intervention can be done, the more straight forward the procedure is likely to be with a more favourable outcome.

CBM in action

Cleft lip and palate affects around 1,000 babies born in Uganda every year. CBM's partner Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services for Uganda (CoRSU) is a fully equipped Rehabilitation Hospital which identifies and treats children and adults with physical disabilities in Uganda and neighbouring countries.

It offers preventive, curative and rehabilitation services for people with a disability and prioritises children with physical impairments, like Cleft lip and palate. Children are treated for free and make up 85% of patients with the remaining being paying adults.

Godfrey's Story

Godfrey was admitted to CoRSU at three days old running a high fever, jaundiced and malnourished. His mother, Olive, had been struggling to breastfeed due to his bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Godfrey was very weak and had to have his nutrition built up at CoRSU before he could undergo the first surgical repair on his lip.  Successful feeding was critical during the first few months of Godfrey's life, so that he could grow healthy and attain the target weight of 11lbs for reconstructive surgery.

Under the care of nutritionist Bertha, Godfrey's mother was taught how to feed him without the risk of choking and how to prepare highly nutritious meals that helped him grow strong and healthy.

When he was strong enough, Godfrey underwent two surgeries at CoRSU. The first to correct his lip and partially repair his palate. A second surgery was needed to permanently close his palate. This was funded thanks to the generosity of CBM UK supporters who were inspired to help.

Your support today could stop the malnutrition of a child with cleft lip and palate, make them grow strong enough for surgery, and change their smile forever.


For further information please contact Bekah Greenbank at rebekahg@cbmuk.org.uk or 01223 484739

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