Emergency coronavirus appeal to protect the world’s most vulnerable people

Emergency coronavirus appeal to protect the world’s most vulnerable people

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been spreading rapidly, and as I’m sure you know, has now affected more than 200 countries; claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. At times of crisis, people with disabilities are at greatest risk – wherever you live in the world.

Here's how a donation from you today can help:

  • £24.80 is enough to supply hand sanitizer to a health worker and their patients, protecting them and helping to halt the spread of coronavirus.
  • £59.85 could provide a frontline health worker with the medical masks, aprons and gloves they need for 3 months, protecting people and enabling vital health care for those most vulnerable.
  • £95 is enough to provide 100 thermometers to community workers, to help identify and give support to people who are showing coronavirus symptoms in the world’s poorest places.
Whitney has cataracts in both of her eyes.
Jaonna is a CBM Staff and nurse tutor at MICEI
Agnes Rukombo, 67, who has a physical impairment caused by an accident as a child

Here at CBM, we are urgently adapting our current healthcare and community programmes and our Humanitarian Response team is providing vital technical expertise so that people with disabilities can access help.

Even though we can no longer travel to overseas projects from the UK, we continue to work closely with our Country Offices and local partners in Africa and Asia. Our colleagues are reporting many cases and our partner hospitals have been trying desperately to protect both health workers and patients, but many lack the basic essentials like sanitiser or face masks.

Please, make a donation today and help us support people living with disability in the world’s poorest places where the impact of this crisis could be devastating.

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