Will Desire’s life change forever?

Desire real-time

Desire’s dream is to build a secure future for his family. Cataracts have left him struggling to support them. But this week, everything could change…

Thanks to CBM supporters, Desire will travel to CBM’s partner hospital in Cameroon, West Africa where doctors will remove his cataracts.

Join us as we follow his journey to sight. Can a straightforward operation restore Desire’s dreams for the future and bring hope and security to his family?

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“If Desire’s vision was good, he would be able to live the life he has always dreamed of. He would also be able to take care of the family... I wish that his eyes be healed.”

Desire’s story

Desire is a devoted Dad of four who lives with his fiancé, children and widowed mother in rural Cameroon, West Africa.  But cataracts have left Desire almost completely blind – and it’s hard build a secure future for your family if you can barely see. 

After leaving school, Desire moved to Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé to train as a carpenter.  But his failing sight forced him to abandon this dream and he returned home to work on his family’s plot of land.

Now even farming is becoming more difficult. Every day Desire leaves his small mud-brick home at dawn to tend the crops. But once the sun comes up, he has to return home as he can’t see anything in the bright African sunlight.

Desire cannot even read his precious Bible – he relies on his wife to read God’s word to him. Cataracts has not only stolen his sight, but his joy too.

Desire should not be blind.

Cataracts can be removed with straightforward surgery. Here in the UK, operations to remove cataracts are common and free of charge.

Desire is needlessly blind because his family is too poor to pay for the £48 surgery that he needs to restore his sight.

Will Desire's dreams come true?

From 11th September, we hope you will be able to witness Desire’s dreams come true. You can join us in prayer as we follow him on a journey to sight, live from Cameroon in West Africa.

CBM’s Rosi Jack, will be travelling to Cameroon to report from CBM’s partner hospital on Desire’s story and share in the incredible moment where, thanks to people like you, he will have his sight-saving cataract operation on 19th September, enabling him to see his children clearly for the first time.

You can follow Desire on every step of his journey throughout September, by:


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Show your support for Desire and his family by sharing a prayer on Facebook or Instagram with #Dream4Sight and we will deliver it to him before his operation.

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