In light of the coronavirus crisis and following much consideration, we have decided to pause our See the Way appeal. This will enable us to focus our efforts on reaching out to the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis and supporting our partner hospitals, health and community workers in the world’s poorest places during this global pandemic.

This Easter, you can bring light and hope where none exists


Until 9th April 2020, every £1 you donate will be DOUBLED by the UK government

This Easter, you can bring light and hope where none exists

Until 9th April 2020, every £1 you donate will be DOUBLED by the UK government

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Njiruzalo was born with a cataract in her left eye and as a result she has always struggled with poor vision. When she was a child, Njiruzalo struggled to read and write because of the problems with her vision and had to stop going to school after just three years.

Disability can exacerbate poverty: having a visual impairment in the world's poorest places often means you have to depend on others. It can mean no employment, no means of growing food for you and your family, or being able to raise money for the surgery you need. Understandably, becoming completely blind is a very real fear for people like Njiruzalo. 

So, when three of your five children are also born blind with cataracts in both eyes, there is very little hope to spare. What little hope remained was soon stamped out, when their conditions were wrongly diagnosed. When she visited a health centre, Njiruzalo was told that her sight loss, and her children’s cataracts, were something they would just have to live with – whereas it is entirely treatable.

This Easter, you have an incredible opportunity to help reach families like Njiruzalo's at the right time, with the right treatment. Donate before 9th April and your gift will be DOUBLED by the UK government, your gift can have twice the impact in the lives of people like Njiruzalo and her family.

With your donation, we can train hundreds of healthcare professionals, teaching them how to identify and treat people with avoidable eye problems, so that people like Njiruzulo and her family don't have to spend years in blindness. 

We hope to enable an estimated 100,000 women, men and children in rural areas to access clinical and other eye care services in Malawi over the next three years.

That includes over 9,000 blind and severely visually impaired people accessing cataract surgery so they can see again.

But to do this, we need your help, and now is the best time to act. That’s because any gift sent before 9th April 2020 will be doubled by the UK government, which means that every £1 you give becomes £2.

Njiruzalo in a village on the outskirts of Nathanje, Malawi
Njiruzalo praying in her home a village on the outskirts of Nathanje, Malawi
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Until 9th April 2020, all public donations to our See the Way appeal will be doubled by the UK government.  So every pound you can give will have double the impact – it could fund twice as many sight-saving surgeries, pairs of glasses or eye-health outreach activities in the world’s poorest places. Your donation will help prevent blindness and transform lives wherever the need is greatest. Match funding from the UK government will improve access to sight-saving eye-health services in Malawi.

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