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Can you imagine trying to walk to school every day in complete agony?

7-year-old Emmanuel has bowlegs, which causes him to sway from side to side as he moves, putting immense pressure on his joints and causing unbearable pain. 
For children like Emmanuel, bowlegs mean constant pain, difficulty walking, and often bullying.
“There are pupils who tease me on the way to school,” he says. “There is one boy who beats me because I have bowed legs. That makes me sad.”
Emmanuel and mother

No one should be denied the medical treatment they need because they are poor.

Emmanuel is desperate to run and play football with other children but it’s just too painful for him. “I want my legs to be healed. In the future, I want to be a doctor,” he said.
Emmanuel’s mother fears for her son’s future and she prays to God to straighten Emmanuel’s legs. “I know that if he remains like this, his future will be difficult.
Emmanuel at home before treatment
For more information, please refer to field reports husband died .Emmanuel is seven years old. He developed bowlegs since he was a child, but they have progressively worsened, causing him excruciating pain when he walks long distances. Also, he cannot carry heavy things like a jerrycan and pupils at his school tease and sometimes beat him. Emma lives with his mother Agnes and siblings: Justine, Sylvia, and Godfrey in Masaka district, central Uganda. He will receive surgery and other treatment at CBM partner CoRSU Hospital, Uganda.
Corrective surgery can enable children like Emmanuel to participate fully in their community without pain and without discrimination.
You can provide the specialist medical care children so desperately need today.

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