You can make sure children with avoidable blindness see a brighter future.


You can make sure children with avoidable blindness see a brighter future.

Every year, up to half a million children go blind in developing countries like Nigeria.

Children like Eniola, who is two years old and has cerebral palsy. Cataracts in both her eyes have left her unable to see the faces of her parents. But Eniola’s family simply can’t afford surgery to restore her sight.


Having cataracts has meant that Eniola’s opportunities to learn and interact have been severely limited. Children of her age learn a lot by copying, but Eniola cannot see – so she struggles to learn from others.

Her devoted parents are desperate to give Eniola the best chance in life. They have done everything they possibly can for their beloved daughter. But they simply can’t save enough to afford cataract surgery.

Please make a gift today, to help give sight to children like Eniola, living in poverty.

Eniola already needs medicine to help her with the complications caused by cerebral palsy. The family spend what little they have on that, and although they have been saving for the last year, have only managed to put aside a tiny proportion of the money they need for surgery.

This family have given everything they possibly can to their beloved daughter. They have nothing else to give.

With your help, we want to raise the funds we need for a major Child Eye Health Programme in Nigeria, which will provide eye health equipment, training for medical professionals and surgery for children like Eniola.

Every £10 you give today will help unlock another £40, at no extra cost to you.


Funds raised up to £400,000 by 31st December 2019 will be maximised in value through our funding partner. In the event of surplus donations, any unspent funds, which are not subject to the above-mentioned unlocking arrangements, will be used to support similar CBM projects where the need is greatest.

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