Edrine was born with clubfoot in Uganda. He has been idenitied by CBM's partner CoRSU.

Edrine wears plastic sandals to try and protect his feet and ease the pain of infections caused by clubfoot, but they just aren’t good enough.

7 year old Edrin lives in a small village in Uganda, East Africa, where his father and grandfather are very poor peasant farmers. 

Life was always going to be a struggle for Edrine and his family living in poverty, but Edrine was also born with clubfoot, a painful disfigurement where his feet turn inwards, which makes walking complete agony.

His father said: “Only after some weeks we realised that Edrine’s feet looked somehow strange. They fell inwards.”

A struggle just to survive

Edrine’s clubfeet mean he often can’t get to school and his chance of earning a living as an adult is very slim.Layout 1

As Edrine’s father knows full well: “You need to be able to do these things just to survive.”

Edwin’s father took him to three different hospitals to see if they could treat his son. The family are so poor they couldn’t even afford the £2.28 to get Edrine seen by a doctor, or even the tiny £1.24 it would cost for just one night’s stay in hospital.

“This went on for two years but nothing ever happened. That’s when we gave up.”

Edrine desperately needs the support of people like you to help him get the vital medical expertise and surgery that he just can’t access by himself.

Walking the journey to school is long and painful for Edrine, and he often doesn’t make it. Even worse, every few weeks Edrine’s twisted feet become cracked and raw because of the way he is forced to walk on the rough, dusty Ugandan roads.

If Edrine doesn’t receive surgery soon he may have to stop trying to get to school completely.

Your help today could transform Edrine’s world. For Edrine, going to school offers the chance of escaping poverty.

The chance of a better, happier life

Your support can transform the life of a child like Edrine today by helping them to walk free from pain. Here’s how...

  • First Edrine’s feet would be put in cast, to start to stretch his Layout 1joints in the right direction.
  • Then, Edrine would need surgery to correct the position of his feet, before they are put into cast again for several weeks.
  • Edrine would then need to learn daily exercises to keep his newly-corrected feet moving, and to train and strengthen them.
  • Edrine is then given special shoes to wear until his feet are able to stay in position and he walks into a new future of opportunity and happiness.

Without this treatment, Edrine faces a life trapped in poverty and pain.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

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