Sira, who is blind, in drought-stricken Amhara province

Ethiopia Food Crisis

The most severe drought in 50 years has left over 10 million people in urgent need of food and water in Ethiopia. Crops have failed and livestock are dying.  Help us protect the most vulnerable families today. 

At desperate times like this, people with disabilities are often the most severely affected. Already among the poorest, they may not be able to access emergency food or water distribution, because they do not hear about it or cannot reach it - some water distribution points are six hours walk from affected communities.  

With decades of experience of supporting people with disabilities at times of crisis, CBM is working to save lives and restore livelihoods for the most vulnerable people.

Main image: 13 year old Sira (pictured above) from drought-stricken Amhara, Ethiopia, is blind. She relies on her older brothers and sisters for her survival. One of her brothers, who is also disabled, does what he can to help by begging at the local flour mill. But few have anything to give.  Read more about how we're helping families like Sira's.


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