Thanks to a generous fund offer, every £1 you donate to CBM today will unlock another £4 to restore the sight of children.


You can help restore sight to a child like Putri in Indonesia, where so many people are needlessly blind. A gift from you today can unlock the Seeing is Believing fund, making your donation worth 5 times more. Seeing is Believing is a charitable collaboration between Standard Chartered and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

A gift of £76 will unlock £304. That’s a total of £380 ... the amount needed for specialist surgery to save the sight of two children like Putri who are blind with Cataracts in both eyes.

Imagine being a child, longing for the chance to look into the eyes of your mum and dad, yearning to see the blackboard in school. To read and do sums. To simply marvel at the world around you…

Matthew Hanning is CBM's Country Director for Indonesia“So many children across Indonesia are living in extreme poverty – and are needlessly blind because they can’t afford to pay for the right expert medical care.” says Matthew Hanning, CBM’s country representative in Indonesia.

Putri is 13 years old. When she was little, her mother Marti noticed white cloudy spots in her eyes, but she thought the problem would go away. Later, it became clear she couldn’t see ... She stumbled and bumped her head – far more than other children. Marti learned her daughter had been blinded by Cataracts.


Donations received up to £113,706 will be maximised in value through our partnership with Seeing is Believing .

Thank you for giving what you can today, knowing that whatever you are able to send will have 5 times the power.

Your compassion will reach children in Indonesia who are waiting for crucial eye care, including surgery to remove blinding Cataracts.


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