No one should go blind just because they are poor

Mulu, from Ethiopia, East Africa lives with her husband and three young children. Advanced trachoma infection left her in intense pain, and at risk of blindness. But a monthly gift from you can save the sight of mothers like Mulu.

Trachoma makes the eyelashes turn inwards and scratch against the eye. Every blink is painful and leads closer to blindness. The pain is so extreme that sufferers even pull out their eyelashes using tweezers. Mulu told us:

"I get relief from the itching but removing eyelashes is very painful. And of course, the eyelashes grow back, and being short and stiff, they cause even more pain than before."

Trachoma spreads easily in countries like Ethiopia - as mothers wipe their children’s eyes, they often are infected themselves. As primary caregivers, women are twice as likely as men to be affected by trachoma. Without treatment, they eventually lose their sight completely.

Please, would you consider setting up a regular gift today? Your donation will help more women like Mulu regain their lives.

Community Health Workers like Debisa (pictured right) are on the front line of the fight against trachoma. Every day, they travel on foot to remote areas, reaching people like Mulu. Your gift could train more outreach workers like Debisa, so that every month, people are protected from blinding trachoma.

Debisa, CBM Community Health Outreach Worker

A donation of just £5.40 a month could help outreach workers save sight by helping to find and treat more forgotten people, like Mulu

Leaving no one behind in the
fight against blinding trachoma

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