12 year old Nasire with his father

Could you help stop the pain for a child like Nasire, and save their sight? 

Do you remember how painful it is to get something caught in your eye - a speck of dust or an eyelash?  Every blink becomes agonising. 12 year old Nasire, from Ethiopia, has been experiencing that pain for three years – and without treatment he will become blind.

Nasire has Trachoma. This infection causes eyelashes to turn inwards, scratching the eye and leading to excruciating pain. Some sufferers even pluck out their own eyelashes to try and stop the agony. Both Nasire’s eyes are affected, but the right eye is particularly bad. He will lose sight in that eye soon without treatment.

Every £1 you give today could send £10 worth of Trachoma medication .

Blinding Trachoma can be cured with everyday antibiotics (Zithromax), but people living in the most remote and poor communities in the world simply can't access it.

Thanks to a generous donation, the essential medicine is available and ready to ship. But we need your help to get these precious antibiotics to people like Nasire. Before it's too late.

Yes, I’d like to stop the pain and save sight with a monthly gift:

Set up a regular donation today and help stop this devastating blinding disease.

By giving monthly you could join us as we work to eliminate Trachoma in countries like Ethiopia, so that no more children have to endure the agony and threat of blindness that Nasire has endured.

In rural Ethiopia, where Nasire lives, it is very hard to keep clean because many communities don't have toilets, and water is scarce. As well as providing antibiotics to treat trachoma, we are improving access to water quality in poor communities like Nasire's. 

Whatever you can give today will help protect children from pain and blindness. 

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