Sesan from Nigeria has cataracts,

“Open my eyes, that I may see wonderful things.” - Psalm 119:18

5-year-old Sesan has been living his childhood in darkness because of cataracts, leaving him barely able to see. But cataracts aren’t difficult to treat. Surgery taking just a couple of hours could restore his sight.

With surgery, Sesan's entire life can be transformed. Instead of living with darkness, frustration and exclusion he could have light, colour and a future filled with opportunity.

He could start school and find a way out of poverty. He could even fulfil his dream of working with cars when he grows up, even though he hasn’t seen one yet.

If you could send a gift of £95 today, you could pay for surgery for a child like Sesan. You could open a child’s eyes to the beauty of God’s creation.

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