Reach more people like Eva before it’s too late…

Eva is from Tanzania and is suffering from glaucoma

By the time Eva reached our eye specialists, it was too late to fully restore her sight. Can you help us reach mothers like her before glaucoma causes permanent damage?

Yes, I’d like to protect families like Eva’s from blinding glaucoma

  • £7 a month could pay for transport to reach sight-saving treatment before it’s too late
  • £11.90 a month could pay for glaucoma medication for a mother like Eva or her children
  • £16 a month could fund surgery to halt the progression of glaucoma
Set up a regular donation or make a one off gift today.

Eva's Story

58-year-old Eva from Tanzania, East Africa first noticed an itch in her eyes 4 years ago. Her eyes watered and became cloudy. Eva became deeply worried about her deteriorating eyesight caused by glaucoma.

As her condition worsened the mother of seven became deeply worried.  If she couldn't see, how would she earn a living? 

Eva and her husband feed their family by growing beans and maize and raising a few animals. But Eva was forced to sell her animals because her eyesight was so bad and she couldn’t even see well enough to walk on her own. Unable to help with the farming, how would her family survive?

Getting Help

It took 4 years for Eva to be referred to the Glaucoma Unit at CBM's -partner hospital Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. It was already too late to fully restore her sight. 

Eva suffering from glaucoma receiving help from CBM

Eva’s glaucoma is advanced and has caused irreversible damage because of constant pressure on the optical nerve over the years. Laser and other forms of treatment can reduce Eva’s eye pressure and stop further progression, but she will never get her full sight back.

Glaucoma is incredibly difficult to identify, but it is also hereditary so Eva’s children and grandchildren are also at risk.

Your action today could save a family from blindness for years to come.

Glaucoma is stealing the sight of millions around the world. You could reach out with the love and compassion of God and protect people like Eva from blindness.

You can help ensure that mothers like Eva will be able to see their children grow up, and that her children’s sight is protected.

Stop people like Eva and her children going blind from glaucoma

  • £7 a month could help cover the cost of transport so people like Eva who have glaucoma can reach the treatment they urgently need
  • £11.90 a month could help pay for medication to treat someone who has glaucoma
  • £16 a month could help cover the cost of surgery to halt the progression of glaucoma
Set up a regular donation or make a one off gift to protect families like Eva's from glaucoma. 

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