Gondo is 63 years old and lives in Ivory Coast. He suffers from cataracts.

63 year-old Gondo’s deteriorating eyesight is devastating his life. Will you help save the sight of people like Gondo and offer them a brighter future?

Today, every £10 of your gift will unlock another £40 to restore sight. 

Together we can beat avoidable blindness

Gondo is 63 years old and lives in Ivory Coast. He suffers from cataracts.

63 year-old Gondo lives in Ivory Coast, West Africa, one of the world’s poorest places, where a quarter of the population live below the poverty line on less than £1 a day. Gondo used to rely on growing aubergines in his garden to make a meagre living: just enough to meet his basic needs. However, he began to notice that his sight was deteriorating. Instead of having clear vision, a milky film slowly spread over both his eyes. Day by day, cataracts were stealing his sight. With no family to support him, Gondo wondered how he would survive. He became desperate: completely blind, unable to make a living, and having to rely on his neighbours for food.

But there is hope. We aim to give more people in Ivory Coast access to cataract surgery. Together we can end preventable blindness in the world's poorest places. 

Every £10 you give unlocks £40 more

And there's even better news. For every £10 you give today, we will be able to unlock £40 more from Seeing is Believing, a collaboration between Standard Chartered and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. This means we can take a significant step towards making blindness from cataracts a thing of the past. Your gift today could have five times the impact - what an incredible opportunity. 

Each year, 16,000 people are diagnosed with cataracts in Ivory Coast, with only a small proportion able to receive an operation.

You can make an enormous impact through your gift today and together we can save the sight of people like Gondo and offer a brighter future.

Please give what you can today.


Disclaimer: Funds raised up to £125,000 will be maximised in value through our partnership with Seeing is Believing. In the event of surplus donations, any unspent funds, which are not subject to the above-mentioned unlocking arrangements, will be used to support similar CBM projects where the need is greatest. Please donate by Thursday 26th October 2017. 

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