This Easter you can provide urgent sight-saving surgery

Isiko, 77, finds it difficult to work and support his children's education because of the constant pain and vision problems caused by Trachoma Trichiasis. Isiko, 77, finds it difficult to work and support his children's education because of the constant pain and vision problems caused by Trachoma Trichiasis.

Trachoma is an infectious disease that has robbed Isiko of his sight and left him struggling to support his family. If left untreated, the painful eye infection causes permanent blindness.

Over months and years, Isiko’s eyelashes have turned inwards causing every blink to scratch against his eye. If this continues, his sight will be lost forever.

A daily struggle to survive

77-year-old Isiko lives with his family in a small mud brick hut in the Namutumba district of Uganda, East Africa. Like most people in this poor and rural part of Uganda, Isiko grows a small crop on the small plot of land where he lives.

He used to earn some money selling chickens and working on other people’s land, but his poor eyesight has made this work almost impossible.

This Easter you could save someone like Isiko from a life of blindness.

Isiko’s biggest worry in life isn’t about his own future; it’s for his children. He is a loving father of 7 children and, now that he can’t work, Isiko is struggling to support their education.

Isiko didn’t have the opportunity to go to school, but he knows how crucial it is if his children are to have any hope of escaping the life-long and grinding poverty that he has endured:

What is trachoma?

Blinding trachoma is infectious and spreads quickly through contact with the eye discharge of infected people, via unwashed hands, towels, clothes or eye-seeking flies.

Trachoma thrives in areas of poor sanitation. When you live in poverty in a remote community, access to clean water and medical treatment is often very limited or difficult to locate.

“I pray that things will be different for them”, he says. “If a child is educated and employed, they will be able to work and build their own homes.”

Please prayerfully consider what gift you could make today to help bring the miracle of sight and freedom from pain to someone like Isiko, so he can lift himself and his children out of poverty.

Only urgent surgery could save Isiko’s sight

After years without treatment, Isiko's eye condition has reached an advanced stage. If the rubbing of the eyelashes causes too much damage to the cornea this cannot be repaired.

A simple operation is all that is needed to reverse this. Surgery can reverse the eyelids, stopping the agonising rubbing on the cornea, allowing the eye to heal and enabling him to see and work again.

This Easter, you can help alleviate the suffering of people like Isiko, living in some of the poorest and most remote places in East Africa and save their sight before it’s too late.

“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

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