Text: Nobody should be blind just because they are poor. Image: Jacqueline, aged 6, is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

You can help save sight for a child like Jacqueline...

Over the past three years, cataracts have clouded Jacqueline’s eyes until she can barely tell light from dark. Once an outgoing and lively child, she has become isolated, retreating into herself after being bullied by other children in her village because of her sight problems.

Cataracts can be removed with a simple operation to restore sight. But for families like Jacqueline’s, living in poverty, the cost is far beyond their means.

Jacqueline struggles to see much more than light and shadow. She used to be able to read books, but deteriorating sight has left her unable to even make out the letters on the blackboard. Everyday tasks, like pouring water into a bottle, are incredibly difficult if you can’t see. Walking to school on her own has become dangerous and frightening.

Jacqueline’s mother fears for her future:

“What will happen to my beautiful daughter?”

Jacqueline struggles to pour water into a bottle

Without a sight-restoring operation, a girl like Jacqueline is much less likely to go to school. Without education, it’s much more likely that she will live in poverty as an adult.

Nobody should be blind just because they are poor

You can help prevent children like Jacqueline from going needlessly blind.

It costs just £95, and takes just 45 minutes, to operate on a child’s eye; and the result is life changing. The younger a child is when they have surgery, the higher the chances are of their eyes adapting and healing, so we must not delay.

With your support today, we can give more children a brighter future.

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