Janeth has had life-transforming surgery for fistula at a CBM-supported hospital in Tanzania.
Traumatised by the death of her baby, abandoned by her husband and left incontinent because of fistula, Janeth felt like she had lost everything.
But you can provide healing and hope for women like her today.

“I prayed to God every day, that he will release me from my situation whilst taking me to him. I cried so much.”

Living in rural Tanzania, East Africa, Janeth and her husband were looking forward to the birth of their second child. But, after a long, painful and complicated labour, the baby was stillborn.

Janeth longed for her own life to end too.

During labour, the pressure of the baby’s head led to a hole being formed between Janeth’s birth canal and bladder. This condition, called fistula, leaves women incontinent.

She leaked urine uncontrollably. Her husband left her because of the condition.

“I thought I was bewitched”

Like many women with fistula, Janeth did not understand what was happening to her body. Many women are shunned by family and friends because of their condition. Constantly leaking urine or faeces means that apart from being very uncomfortable, women like Janeth cannot get a job, and so fall deeper into poverty. They are vulnerable to depression, loneliness and a debilitating sense of shame.

Healing and Hope

There is hope for women like Janeth, because fistula can be corrected with an operation. But living in poverty means that the cost of surgery is far beyond their means.

With your help, we can transform the lives of women living with fistula in the world’s poorest places. Together, we can show communities that fistula is not a curse, but a treatable condition.

Janeth has had life-transforming surgery for fistula at a CBM-supported hospital in Tanzania.

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