Together, we can save the sight of the world’s forgotten people

Kawu has been living in excruciating pain. Can you see how his eyelashes have turned inwards, scratching against his eyes? This is because of the cruel eye infection, trachoma, which can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated.

“I had to drop out of school… because of the problems with my eyes and lack of finance to operate on my eyes. I cannot assist my mother in the farm… and so life has been difficult for us.”

Without an education, Kawu has no chance of lifting himself and his family out of poverty.

As rural farmers who only grow enough for the family to eat, Kawu’s family cannot afford any treatment for him.

Without treatment, Kawu could go irreversibly blind.

There are thousands of others like Kawu in Nigeria. Thousands who are waiting for help. Which is why your gift is so crucial to saving sight for people who haven't so far been able to get treatment.

Travelling to some areas of Nigeria is incredibly dangerous because of insurgent activity. CBM-funded medical teams have to take rigorous security precautions. But brave doctors and nurses are prepared to risk their lives to prevent needless suffering and blindness – because they know what a huge difference it makes to families like Kawu’s.

We cannot leave; not while vulnerable people like Kawu need our help.

Leaving no one behind in the
fight against blinding trachoma

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