Kenya Food Crisis

Urgent Appeal: The most vulnerable people in Kenya need your help

Kenya Food Crisis

Urgent Appeal: The most vulnerable people in Kenya need your help


People in Kenya desperately need your help.

Drought across East Africa has led to crop failures food shortages and widespread human suffering. People in Kenya are paying the devastating price for a climate crisis they have done nothing to create.

Families, like Julius's (above), are on the verge of starvation. Many are facing the impossible choice between food, water and medicine.

The scale of the unfolding tragedy is now almost unthinkable. Millions are struggling to afford food. For people with disabilities who can’t travel to work or food aid stations: unless help finds them, they will starve.

Your urgent donation could help provide life-saving support through this crisis to help the most vulnerable people. Please, donate now.

"People are already dying – and if the world continues to ignore this “invisible crisis”, many more will lose their lives.

I hear this isn’t being reported widely in the UK media. Most of the farmers I have met all over the country are unable to sow crops, and the few who have, are seeing them fail.

These are desperate times.

You and I cannot end a drought, but together we can save the lives of the most vulnerable people caught up in it."

A picture of Kevin Sudi in black and white.

Kevin Sudi
CBM Global - Kenya Team

By donating today, you can help some of the most vulnerable people access clean water, medicine and food. Please make an urgent gift.

Thank you.

Your donation will help provide urgent support to people living with disability and struggling in poverty and emergency situations. Donations will be prioritised for CBM’s response in Kenya with any surplus funds used where the need is greatest.

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