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Charity of the Year

Partnering with QAV

Cambridgeshire creative production company QAV decided to celebrate their 20th year in business with a year-long partnership with CBM to prevent avoidable blindness.

Their support for our Light up Lives project will help thousands of people living in rural Zimbabwe access quality eye health services.

Light Up Lives

“After hearing about CBM’s eye health work in the world’s poorest communities, we were inspired to choose them as our Charity of the Year – it seemed the perfect way to mark our 20th year in business. We’re happy that, through our partnership, we’ll be able to support people living in rural communities in Zimbabwe by ensuring they have access to eye health services.”

Gordon Baird, Managing Director at QAV

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Heri from Tanzania, East Africa, getting his eyes tested after treatment from CBM.

Throughout the year, QAV staff and customers will have the chance to embark on an ‘Eye Health Journey’, learning about the barriers people living in the world’s poorest places face in accessing sight-saving treatment and the incredible impact on their lives, and the lives of their families, once they can access the right support.

We’ll also share stories from amazing eye health workers who are on the frontline of preventing avoidable blindness and supporting the most marginalised communities.

Could CBM be your Charity of the Year?

CBM has decades of experience in fighting the cycle of poverty and disability in the Global South and is widely recognised as a world-leading expert in this area.

Too many people face poverty, stigma and isolation, denied the chance to go to school or earn a living, just because they have a disability. And every day people lose the ability to see, hear or walk because of conditions that could easily be treated or prevented.

CBM works in the world’s poorest places to reach those whom others leave behind. Working in partnership with Governments and local partners, we create long-term positive change: treating and preventing conditions that lead to disability and enable people with disabilities to go to school, access healthcare, earn a living and be active in their community.

Find out more about CBM’s work in the world’s poorest places.

Corporate Partnerships

If you’d like to find out more about partnering with CBM, or making us your Charity of the Year, take a look at our information for companies.

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