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Mary wearing an eye patch following cataract surgery. She is smiling.

A week of amazing stories
and real lives transformed 

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Watch Paul and Mary's journey to sight in Zimbabwe and see how your support can truly Light up Lives.

For one week in April 2021, we followed the stories of Paul and Mary, two people accessing sight-saving surgery for the first time after years of blindness.

Updates and videos were shared in real time and we witnessed the amazing work of eye doctors and nurses, met Mary and Paul's families and saw the incredible moment their eye patches were removed after surgery and they could see again.

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An operation costing as little as £24 can transform a life forever.

There are thousands of people like Paul and Mary living with blindness in the world's poorest places because of conditions that can be easily treated.

You can Light up Lives by enabling people to see again through sight-restoring surgery, eye treatments and glasses, so they can go to school, get around safely and support themselves and their families. 

Thank you.

Paul and Mary's journey to sight

Meet Paul

For the last year, Paul hasn’t been able to leave his hut alone. Always an active man, a farmer and a carpenter who built his own home, he couldn’t even see to walk to the toilet.

Watch his story:

Meet Mary

Since Mary's parents died, she has worked hard taking in laundry so that her grandson and granddaughter can stay in school. But when cataracts robbed her of sight, she was no longer able to work and was desperately worried about their future.

Watch her story:

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