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After 4 years without sight, 14-year-old Milly has life-changing surgery that will restore her sight. Follow her amazing story.

14 year-old Milly is a bright, playful and hard-working young girl who dreams of becoming a nurse. But when she started losing her sight to Cataracts,  her dreams were replaced by fear of the future.

Milly’s life-changing journey

But thanks to supporters like you, Milly had successful cataract surgery. A simple, 45-minute operation has not only given Milly back her sight, it has restored her hopes and dreams for the future. Can you imagine the joy and wonder Milly felt when she saw for the first time, after living in darkness for so long?

Watch the moment when Milly sees for the first time...

Milly's Story

Milly lives with her mother and father in a small village in Uganda, East Africa. Like many girls, she loved going to school and seeing her friends.

But at the age of 10, Milly developed severe cataracts. One day in class, she realised she couldn’t read the writing on the blackboard. She stared down at the book on her desk but couldn’t make out the letters on the page.  Her school didn’t know how to help her. Like so many blind children living in the world's poorest communities, she just stopped going.

Living in extreme poverty, Milly’s family earn just enough money from farming to feed themselves. There is neither electricity nor running water in the village where Milly lives, but small solar panels hang on top of some roofs. A few boreholes and ponds provide water.

Cataracts can be treated with simple surgery to restore sight. But for Milly’s family, struggling just to put food on the table, the operation was simply out of reach.

After living with blindness for four years, Milly’s mother met an outreach worker from our partner-hospital who told them that, thanks to CBM supporters, she could access free treatment to restore her sight.

After four years of living in the dark and missing out on school, the day Milly had dreamed of finally arrived when Dr Ludovica gently removed the bandages from her eyes and Milly could see again, “Glory be to God, I can see!”

Thanks to generous supporters like you who have helped restore Milly’s sight. Thank you.

Your gift today could have this same, life-changing effect for someone else whose life is blighted by the impact of preventable blindness.

After 4 years without sight, 14-year-old Milly has life-changing surgery that will restore her sight. Follow her amazing story.

When she lost her sight, Milly lost her love of life

“I remember how all the colours looked. My favourite was yellow even though I can’t see it now.” Milly, 14

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