Mitchelle can see again

Mitchelle can see again

Watch this special video of Mitchelle getting her sight back, thanks to supporters of CBM UK.

This Christmas we are so pleased to share this amazing video with you of five-year-old Mitchelle, just before and after she received sight-saving surgery to remove her cataracts, with a special thank-you from her mum Barbra.

Your support has helped give sight to children like Mitchelle living in some of the world’s poorest places. This will enable them to see their loved ones, gain an education and build a future of hope and opportunity.

Thank you.

There is a way for you change lives for people who are being impacted so severely by conditions like cataracts.

Worldwide, an incredible 3 out of 4 people who are blind don’t need to be.

And too often, if you live in a poor community, losing your sight also means losing the chance to go to school, live independently or earn a living. Many women, men and children in poverty have no access to the most basic of eye health services.

But with your help, we can not only fund life-changing treatments, but also train health workers, equip hospitals to strengthen eye health systems and bring eye health services closer to communities to ensure that nobody is needlessly blind.

About the See the Way project

Over the 3-year project duration, up to 9,000 blind and severely visually impaired people will regain their sight, through access to quality cataract surgical services. An estimated 100,000 people, mostly from rural communities, will be able to access clinical and other essential eye care services.

Giving people’s sight back will enable improved health outcomes, decreased dependency, improved livelihoods, inclusion in other community development programmes and, therefore, reduced poverty and vulnerability.

Mitchelle during surgery at the Mengo eye department. Please refer to respective field reports for more information.Mitchelle– 5 years old – was born with bilateral cataract. She lives in Mukono district in central Uganda - together with her mother Barbra 32 years old, a kindergarten teacher and siblings Maurice and Morisa
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Children waiting for their surgery

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