Follow Whitney's journey from blindness to sight this September

Posted on: Wednesday, 7th September, 2016
Follow 8-year-old Whitney's journey from blindness to sight

Join us as we follow 8 year old Whitney on a journey from blindness to sight throughout September.

Whitney lives in Uganda and has been blind from cataracts for 4 years and now can hardly see. Her family couldn't afford the simple operation that could restore her sight, but thanks to CBM supporters in the UK and around the world, Whitney has begun a journey of hope.

We will be sharing Whitney's story as it happens, from her operation through to recovery and her first experiences of sight.

You can share in the incredible moment where Whitney will have her sight-saving cataract operation on 20 September, which will enable her to see her mother clearly for the first time in 4 years.

Follow Whitney’s journey by following  us on Facebook for live updates or by texting WHITNEY to 66777 for text updates on her story as it happens. (By texting you consent to future contact from Christian Blind Mission. This text will cost your standard rate for one message.)

You can also show your support for Whitney by sharing a prayer on Facebook with #sightforwhitney and our field team will deliver it to her before her operation.

Read more of Whitney's story here.


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