Berthine is irreversibly blind because a parasite has stolen her sight. River blindness risks her whole family

Berthine has been blind for 6 years. Her rural, remote village is blighted by blackflies that spread river blindness. It's too late to save her sight, but you can help protect her children and grandchildren from this terrible disease.

You can help save families from blindness and distribute sight-saving medicine today.

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  • £6 a month could help to train Outreach Volunteers in how to distribute and safely administer Mectizan to rural communities
  • £9 a month could prevent 690 people like Berthine from contracting river blindness every year
  • £12 a month could save a village of almost 1,000 people from river blindness for a whole year
  • Set up a regular donation or make a one-off gift to protect families from river blindness

"I fear for my grandchildren. I pray for them because I know this disease can also affect them."

64-year-old Berthine lives in a rural village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central Africa. She sleeps in her son's cooking hut because the roof of her own hut caved in. Berthine is unable to fix the roof because she's lost her sight from river blindness.

Berthine should never have lost her sight because river blindness can be treated. An antiparasitic medicine called Mectizan kills the larvae regularly for at least 10 - 15 years.

By the time Berthine could reach help for her symptoms it was too late. The nurse gave her the devastating diagnosis: "Your eyes are almost dead."

But there is still time to protect her children and grandchildren from blindness.

you can prevent river blindness and give Berthine hope that her grandchildren are protected.

Berthine loves her family and wants to make sure they don't become blind like she is.

A monthly gift from you will:

  • help train Outreach Workers to give out sight-saving medicine and halt the devastating effects of river blindness.
  • protect families like Berthine's from river blindness, ensuring they get medicine every year for as long as they need it.

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