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Four-year old Murtala’s failing eyesight has left him isolated and he is missing out on education. Will you help save a child's sight and give them a chance to escape poverty?


Today, every £1 of your gift to CBM will unlock another £4 to restore sight to a child who is blind or has low vision. Please donate by Thursday 15th June 2017.

This generous offer is made possible through a fund from Seeing is Believing – a charitable collaboration between Standard Chartered and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness to tackle avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

“Nobody has ever helped us”

Murtala’s father, a poor farmer, recounts when his son suddenly and tragically started to go blind. Four-year old Murtala with his father in Nigeria

“We noticed a white spot in Murtala’s left eye and after some weeks the white spot also appeared on the second eye. Gradually we observed that he couldn’t walk on his own...His blindness has stopped him from playing with his friends and it has also stopped him from going to school...I always pray for God to help us from suffering – nobody has ever helped us.”

A message from actress and CBM supporter Trudie Goodwin:Trudie Goodwin in Nigeria

“No matter where you live or what you do, any gift you can spare will have five times the impact to save the sight of a child who will otherwise never look into their mother’s eyes, read a book, or marvel at the glory of nature. Your gift can also give a child a chance to escape poverty. Today you could completely transform the life of a child going blind and living in poverty in Nigeria.”

Across the developing world, a child like Murtala goes needlessly blind every few minutes. You can make an amazing, life-changing impact on a child in Nigeria through your gift today.

Please give what you can today.

Disclaimer: Funds raised up to £250,000 will be maximised in value through our partnership with Seeing is Believing. In the event of surplus donations, any unspent funds, which are not subject to the above-mentioned unlocking arrangements, will be used to support similar CBM projects where the need is greatest.

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