5-year-old Charlotte can now see after cataract surgery at a CBM-supported hospital.

Your church can help people
See the Way to a brighter future

Together, we have a fantastic opportunity this spring to make a greater impact on the lives of those living with avoidable blindness.

Using our tailor-made free resource pack, your church congregation can learn, pray and fundraise to help children in the world’s poorest places See the Way to a brighter future.

Between 15 February and 14 May 2019 the UK government will match every £1 that your congregation raises for our See the Way appeal. Every collection, sponsored event, or other fundraising activity during this time will have double the impact in transforming the lives of people in the world’s poorest places.

Register your interest now to get your church involved in our See the Way appeal. Click below to order your postal resources and download the online guides.

Every day, people in the world’s poorest places become needlessly blind because of conditions that can be easily treated, like cataracts.

9-year-old Allen has cataracts in both eyes.

9-year-old Allen from East Africa dreams of becoming a nurse. But when her sight deteriorated, her mother feared for her future.

Allen has had a difficult life; she struggled at school and eventually had to stop going, as she couldn’t read the board. She is bullied and called names by local children, and has even been attacked whilst collecting water.

Allen needs sight-saving surgery but her mother currently earns barely enough to feed the family, let alone pay the bus fare to take Allen to hospital appointments.

Many women, men and children in poverty have no access to the most basic of eye health services. Worldwide, an incredible 3 out of 4 people who are blind don’t need to be. And too often, if you live in a poor community, losing your sight also means losing the chance to go to school, live independently or earn a living. For those living on the edge, the impact is devastating - whole families pushed deeper into desperate poverty and hunger.

Donations will help people in the world’s poorest places See the Way to a brighter future, by: 

  • Improving access to sight-restoring cataract surgery and treatment for blinding conditions like glaucoma.
  • Reaching people at risk of blindness in remote areas, far from the nearest eye hospital, helping them access treatment before it is too late.
  • Ensuring people with low-vision can access glasses and support, so they can go to school, earn a living and be active in their communities.
  • Training local staff, equipping hospitals and strengthening eye health systems to ensure the maximum long-term and sustainable benefit.

By joining our See the Way campaign, you will receive a free resource pack for your church including: fundraising ideas, children’s activities, worship resource guide, posters, bookmarks and donation envelopes.

Give before 14 May and every £1 donated to our See the Way appeal by your church congregation or group, will be doubled by the UK government.

5-year-old Charlotte can now see after cataract surgery at a CBM-supported hospital.

When 5-year old Charlotte was struggling to see, her mother Médiatrice was extremely worried: their crop harvest had failed so she had nothing to sell and no money to afford medical treatment.

Médiatrice was lucky enough to hear about Kabgayi Eye Clinic and, through the kindness of CBM supporters and skilled staff, Charlotte received surgery for the cataract on her left eye, which had caused her so much pain. Charlotte can now see well out of both eyes and is looking forward to a bright future.

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