Eje sits at a computer that is in the shop that he owns thanks to ELIM in Nigeria.
Country: Nigeria
Category: Building livelihoods

Eje is the 10th of 18 children in his family. When he was 2 years old, Eje suddenly became paralysed from the waist down. Believing the disability was caused by witchcraft, Eje’s mother took him around Nigeria in search of a cure, with no success. One day, an outreach worker from the CBM-supported centre in Nigeria saw him struggling on his way to primary school. They took him to a doctor who explained that the paralysis was due to polio.

"I was provided with arm pit crutches and trained on how to use them, a wheelchair was also provided. I used both to move around the compound, where I would visit friends, go to church and my primary school. I could go long distance though it was a struggle because of rough roads.

I never mind what people say about me anymore provided I get to where I want, because of the encouragment I received from CBM staff who always go beyond people’s expectations."

The Elim centre helped Eje complete secondary school and make plans to set up a business.

"I am happy that I have a secondary school certificate. Staff visited me and my parents and asked about future plans. I chose computer training. The CBM supported partner accepted and supported me and I obtained a diploma in computer application.

I persuaded my brothers [to support me] because now my parents are too old to do something for me. I don’t want to remain unoccupied. Field staff helped me in making phone calls to one of my brothers. Thank God one of my brothers sent me a computer and helped me rent a shop and now I am a full owner of a computer centre.

My parents were farmers with many children. Before now they could not satisfy all the children because of the poverty level of the family, now that they are becoming older there is no possibility of getting anything from them. Imagine being a child with a disability in the midst of 18 children and very poor income. I have to think and struggle on my own. There is no life without a challenge."


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