Regina standing in her school playground and smiling
Country: Uganda
Category: Improving health

Regina was two years old when she developed Blount’s disease, causing her legs to bend outwards. Her knees and ankles would hurt when she walked long distances. By seven, Regina was often missing school because her legs hurt too much to get there, and when she did, it was hard to join in. She would sit by herself during break time, watching others play.

A desperate search for healing

Desperately worried after traditional remedies failed to help, Regina's mother knew her daughter needed medical treatment. But her family live on less than £1 a day and medical treatment is not free in Uganda, East Africa. She told us:

“I want to take Regina to the hospital, but I am not able to because I cannot afford it… [without an operation] she will not be able to walk and will need constant help. She may not be able to live independently.”

Her call for help was answered when a CBM-supported outreach worker referred Regina to our partner hospital. Thanks to generous CBM supporters, Regina had operations to correct both legs.

Walking and playing without pain

Within six months of her final surgery she is without pain. It is hard to do full justice to just how much Regina’s life has changed for the better:

“I thank Dr Ayella because he made my legs straight. Now I mop the house, clean the compound and wash utensils without feeling pain. I can also babysit my baby brother and play games with others. I even have many friends,” Regina says.

Her classmates used to stare at her legs, and other pupils had called Regina names. Now they are talking with her and cracking jokes. Her confidence has soared and she is having fun. When the school bell rings, Regina is one of the first out to the playground. Finally, she is one of them.

“Regina is very good in class, hardworking, very active and she can share with others…Before surgery Regina could not play with others, but now she can play, she can dance, she can do everything. There has been a big change in her life. She is included in everything at school,” says her teacher Edith.

Regina’s mother, who nursed her throughout, is elated to see Regina so happy and she’s thankful for the vital support the family have received:

“I thank the CBM and [CBM partner hospital] CoRSU people for what they have done for my child – rehabilitating her legs to be this straight. May God bless them abundantly and reward them for whatever they have given us. I request that they never stop what they are doing… Regina is enjoying herself now. I keep asking her if she has any pain, but she says no. Her wellbeing is mine too. I used to feel bad every time she would cry because she could not walk, due to pain. But now she wakes up at dawn with others to go to school. I am happy about that”.


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