8-year-old Tawa is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

8-year-old Tawa struggles to learn in school or play with other children because she is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

But you can help restore sight for children like Tawa and give them a brighter future.

Tawa lives in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, where there are only two hospitals that provide sight-saving surgery for children. The hospital nearest to Tawa is 50km away. Her family cannot afford the bus journey to the hospital, let alone the cost of surgery.

In the UK, removing cataracts is a straightforward and quick operation. But for people who are desperately poor and living in remote locations, it is not so easy.

“But I can’t see anything. And I can’t jump well.”

8-year-old Tawa stands with her mother, holding her hand.

Tawa enjoys playing hopscotch but she falls on the lines or throws the stone in the wrong direction and the other children accuse her of cheating and don’t invite her to play.

She struggles to read her books and see what’s on the blackboard at school. When she talks about her future, she buries her face in her hands.

Without a sight-restoring operation, a child like Tawa is less likely to finish school and is more likely to live in poverty as an adult. Poverty is part of Tawa’s past and present – but, with your help, it will not dictate her future.

Every £10 you give unlocks a further £40

Your gift, and the funds it unlocks, will help children like Tawa get the urgent medical attention they need, before it is too late. And thanks to our funding partner, for every £10 you give, we will be able to unlock a further £40 – meaning your impact will be multiplied by five.

With your help, the future for children like Tawa becomes full of hope and potential.

Please donate today to give sight to children in the world’s poorest places.
8-year-old Tawa is blind in both eyes from cataracts.

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